The “Easiest” New Year’s Resolution

tt93.jpgAs December folds into January, the media begins writing about New Year’s resolutions. These news reports offer a variety of possible resolutions and also how to keep those annual promises. We’re familiar with popular pledges usually related to diet, fitness and getting organized. Then, in about a month, we can anticipate that more than one-fourth of those promises will have wilted, according to

I have a New Year’s suggestion with a different take.

Consider 2016 the Year of Good Citizenship. While that generally connects to the political process, I’m linking it to taking some action on behalf of your community. It can be something as significant as helping at a shelter for battered women, buying groceries for those less fortunate or becoming a mentor to someone who needs direction and guidance. The opportunities are vast and the need great.  Choose something and make it your New Year’s resolution.

As a friend reminds me constantly, “Avoid choosing an act of citizenship or volunteerism that you find unpleasant or difficult to implement. Choose something that’s fun, convenient or fits your personality.”  I’m confident if you follow this advice, you can ignore those February news stories about broken New Year’s resolutions.

I also have one suggestion because this blog is about citizenship. Register someone to vote this year. If you’re NOT a registered voter, you can register at: ( It is a privilege to be an American voter. If you are already a voter, then vote in every election for which you are eligible. Don’t just show up for the “big elections,” when the presidency is on the line. (FYI, 2016 is the time to vote for our next President, but I’m sure you knew that) Your vote matters and it’s a true act of citizenship. And, that act means taking the time to understand the issues and voting accordingly.

I want to conclude this New Year’s message with a sincere “thank you” for allowing me to serve as your elected representative in these challenging times. I consider it a privilege.

From my family to yours, we wish you a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Safe New Year.

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