The Integrity Of The Voting Process


The integrity of our election system is one which we must all safeguard. No matter our political affiliation, ensuring that American citizens have unfettered access to the ballot box  is essential to our democracy. That's why the actions of President Trump's Election Integrity Commission are so troubling.

Numerous studies conducted on our country's election process by academics and elections experts alike have concluded that noncitizen voting is exceedingly rare. The danger of what the President desires to undertake is that it will sow the seeds of distrust in our electoral process. The mischaracterization of these rare and non-nefarious instances, as systematic problems, threatens to undermine our entire election system. As such, I wanted to add my voice to that of those in the 40 other states that have refused to comply with the request for information gathering of the President's commission.

Here is the letter that I sent to Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, who also serves as Secretary of State and oversees New Jersey's state election apparatus. If you want to join me in calling for our state's data to not be turned over then click the button below.



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  • Kevin Perez
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