Urging Philly Mayor to Crack Down on Boom Parties

For years, communities along the Delaware River in Burlington County – and beyond – have suffered endless, sleepless nights because of the constant noise and vibrations from ‘boom car’ parties in Philadelphia.

We have tried working cooperatively with our neighbors in Pennsylvania – we’ve met with law enforcement, community outreach, and elected officials seeking solutions; yet, the noise persists year after year. We have also passed laws here in New Jersey to increase fines on cars playing loud music, and similarly, the Philadelphia City Council passed ordinances providing for increased fines and even vehicle seizures. However, we need Philadelphia to enforce their laws.

Cracking down on ‘boom car’ parties should be a major component of Mayor Parker’s efforts to address quality of life concerns. We are hopeful that the administration will make this a priority this summer, as outlined in a letter that we sent to her last week.