Water Quality Legislation Signed Into Law

Trenton – In an effort to address concerns about water quality in New Jersey, legislation sponsored by Senators Troy Singleton and Joseph Lagana was signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy.

The new law, formerly S-968, will require public water systems to notify customers and local officials of elevated lead levels in drinking water. Landlords will also be required to notify their tenants of elevated lead levels.

“New Jersey's water infrastructure is getting older by the day, and this law signifies the immediate action we need to take to stem the negative effects it is having on New Jersey residents,” said Senator Singleton (D-Burlington). “Regardless of whether someone owns a home or rents one, they are entitled to know about elevated lead levels in their drinking water. While we relish these victories, we also recognize there is always more we can do and I will continue to fight for improved water quality throughout the state."

“To avoid the grievous mistakes of water systems in other states, systems in New Jersey must notify their customers if lead levels become too high in our water supply,” said Senator Lagana (D-Bergen/Passaic). “Our outdated water infrastructure needs to be replaced. While we work towards that goal, we must take the immediate steps to let people know when there are safety concerns and expedite remediation.”