What does your support mean?


Oftentimes when people solicit you for campaign donations they never clearly tell you where the money goes or for what purpose.
This is important information for you to have as a donor. And, as a member of Team Can't Stop Won't Stop, here is what your contribution means:

$25 will provide us with the ability to contact voters by phone and tell them about our efforts to expand economic opportunity in our region.

$50 will help pay for postage of over 100 pieces of mail so that we can communicate effectively about our efforts to make NJ more affordable.

$100 will help us to be able to purchase an ad on television so that we can make clear our bi-partisan efforts to reduce the flow of illegal guns in our communities.

All contributions, no matter the amount, will help ensure that our message of “Putting People Before Politics” continues to be conveyed to the families of New Jersey’s 7th Legislative District. Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Troy Singleton