When Will Enough Be Enough?

Again! I mourn the loss of the innocent victims of this latest mass shooting in our nation. Yet, it’s embarrassing and infuriating… this mindset that allows yet another mass shooting to again grip our nation with no response but hollow words. What troubles me more is that while yet another series of families mourn, our collective national conscience will retreat into partisan positions without even the pretense of trying to solve the root issue of this disease that ravages our nation. This begs the question as to why we cannot engage in a collaborative form of political discourse that seeks healing, compassion and a connection to repair our nation? Why must we continue to refuse to devote our energy to collaborating on a solution? When will enough be enough?

We cannot believe that the next family to mourn will never be our own. We cannot believe that a nation as great as ours, must remain hostage to this death and destruction. We should not be subjugated to misinformation and subterfuge that tries to deny the truth. A truth that the overwhelming majority of Americans, of all political stripes, support common sense gun control measures. Measure, that if adopted as a national standard, would save lives and stop the next senseless tragedy from happening.

The murder of innocents that didn’t shock our conscience at Columbine or Sandy Hook cannot continue today after Buffalo or Laguna Woods or Uvalde. It must not. Our national leaders have a moral and legal obligation to protect our nation. We the people must demand that they do so….NOW!

That’s my take, what’s yours?

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  • Frank Friedman
    commented 2022-05-28 22:30:28 -0400
    Ah me, Troy – this is the big question. The answer is, sadly, very much the same as the answer as to why Congress is unable to solve any other real problems you and I see in America. Gridlock. Gridlock caused solely by money. Money aided and abetted by the power of the wealthy and our large corporations. Our courts have not helped a bit, as they are now stacked with judges bought by big money, and are, therefore, sympathetic to the rich and powerful. Corporations are people? I doubt it.

    None of this will be fixed until or campaign processes and financing gets fixed. See how much money the NRA and arms makers pour into Republican and sympathetic Democrats coffers. In other words, none of this will be fixed. Biden is hamstrung, and it is likely that this situation will get worse. Lying is common place, and way too many people have chosen to believe the lies - truth be damned. I believe that term limits would be a start to fix this legislative and judicial mess. Two terms (3 years each in the House, 2 6-year terms in the Senate, and 1 or 2 nine year terms for SCOTUS).

    Perhaps a few minor, yet important corrections to our gun laws will be made now. I doubt it, but I will remain a little optimistic. If I thought the Republicans had any shame, I would suggest we could shame 10-25 of them to vote in favor of some of the bills now under discussion. (All these innocent children, similar in age to my grandchildren, went to school and did not come home. How sick is this.) I won’t hold my breath for change, but I can still hope. Beyond this, lies and distortions rule the day. The answer to them is not censorship, but education of our population. This won’t happen either, since education is simply not important enough to too many Americans, and certainly not to our politicians..

    You are a breath of fresh air; a star in a distressed galaxy. Please keep up your good work. And, as always … THANK YOU.
  • Marty
    commented 2022-05-26 21:01:26 -0400
    Funny how you said we shouldn’t go to partisan positions and yet that’s exactly what you did. Please name the common sense gun law that would have stopped any of these shootings. The issue is not lack of gun laws it is a lack of mental health support. But that doesn’t move the needle for politicians like yourself does it. Maybe talk to Dr Narc Zimmerman, I believe he’s done work with Camden, he seems to have some good thoughts on this subject. Please spare me the “common sense gun laws” it rings about as true as “ pay your fair share of taxes”.
    Thanks Martin Schlindwein
  • Kevin Perez
    published this page in Troy Talk 2022-05-26 10:32:35 -0400