Without YOU There is No Progress

Together, we have worked cooperatively with folks of all political stripes to move our state forward. Though some progress has been made, more needs to be done. The only way that our state can ensure that our politics matches the priorities of the hard working men and women of New Jersey is to get invested in our shared prosperity.

Ultimately, making a difference is in YOUR hands because YOUR support is the true engine of progress. Please consider a donation today of $25, $50 or $100 by clicking on this link.

I have been deeply honored over these last few years to be your voice in Trenton standing up for middle class values. I have always been deeply humbled by the support you have shown me. Now, I am asking for your support one more time to help me fight to ensure a more equal, more prosperous, and a stronger New Jersey. Together, we can do this! Thank you for your attention and support.


Hon. Troy Singleton
Assemblyman, 7th District

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