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Improve The System That Failed Tara O'Shea

You probably heard or read about it over the holiday weekend as we did — a massive manhunt was underway for a Cumberland County man after the gruesome death of his estranged wife.

After two weeks on the run, he was found and charged with the murder of Tara O’Shea on Wednesday.

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Christie Signs Bill Limiting Gun Access For Domestic Violence Offenders

Gov. Chris Christie on Monday signed a popular proposal into law that limits access to firearms for people under restraining orders or convicted of domestic violence offenses.

The governor approved it seven months after the Democratic-controlled Legislature threatened to override his May veto of a similar bill that had broad bipartisan support.

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Christie Signs Bill To Add 20 Judges As Part Of Massive Bail Overhaul

Gov. Chris Christie on Monday signed a bill into law that will invest $9.3 million to add 20 judges to the bench across the state.

The bipartisan measure to boost Superior Court judgeships is tied to sweeping changes to the state's bail system that took effect in the new year.

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Christie Policy Agenda Puts Drug Crisis Before Fiscal Health

Chris Christie will spend his last year as New Jersey’s governor combating drug addiction, he said Tuesday in an annual policy-setting speech that also made an unspecified pledge to address the nation’s worst-funded public pension.

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DEP Accepts Plans To Curb Toxic Chemical In NJ's Drinking Water

Surveys have shown the presence of PFNA in New Jersey’s public water systems is much higher than the national rate. New Jersey is on the way to implementing a tough new standard on the presence of a toxic chemical in drinking water, adopting the recommendation of a state scientific panel for the first time in more than six years.

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Could More Be Done To Protect Victims Of Domestic Violence

Supporters of a proposed New Jersey law say legislation could have saved the life of a Cumberland County mother, and many other women in her situation.

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NJ Legislature Tightens Rules For Uber, Lyft

Ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft have been operating in New Jersey for years, but the state doesn't regulate how they contract with drivers, insure, or provide other protections to consumers.

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Job Growth In New Jersey Lagged in 2016 After Good Year In 2015

Economist warns that ‘slow’ may be the state’s ‘new normal,’ citing structural changes like millennials rejecting the suburbs and flocking to major cities.

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Slain Wife Had A Restraining Order - Could Law Christie Vetoed Have Protected Her?

Friends of Tara O’Shea-Sullivan are expressing relief after her husband Jeremiah Monell was captured by State Police in South Jersey and charged with killing her two weeks ago in their Lawrence home.

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Singleton, Tucker, Lampitt, Johnson & Danielsen Bill to Establish Pilot Program to Help Vets Modify Homes Continues Advancing

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Troy Singleton, Cleopatra Tucker, Pamela Lampitt, Gordon Johnson and Joseph Danielsen to assist with the cost of housing modification for veterans was advanced by an Assembly panel on Thursday.

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