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National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

One week from today we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. I have a friend who says Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. He suggests that because its defining message lacks overtones — political, cultural, religious — and its basic premise of giving thanks for what we have is universal.

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Veterans Day: A Time for Gratitude

tt-veterans-21.pngOn Thursday, Nov. 11, we celebrate Veterans Day, and it is one of the most appropriate times to offer a heartfelt thank you to our veterans for their service and sacrifice. I confess that when I hear someone else say "thank you for your service" to a current or former member of our military, a touch of pride and gratitude wells up.

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Clean, Safe Drinking Water For All New Jersey Residents

As we roll into August, it’s timely to both recall and appreciate how crucial safe water is to us, especially during these summer months. The heat has ensured that most of us will be drinking fluids to remain hydrated. And, of course, that means drinking plenty of clean, safe water. National Water Quality Month reminds us how precious that access is.

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Home Ownership: Keeping The American Dream Alive

One of the most common mantras about home ownership is that it probably will be the single largest investment in your life. It's a cliché because, for mostit's true. Oftentimes it has marked a rite of passage into "finally becoming a grown-up" when making that purchase. Yet, the idea of home ownership, the bedrock of the American Dream, is fraying. Unfortunately for many, the American Dream is becoming more challenging to attain. It is especially hard for those just starting out on their own due to the challenges of saving up for the required down payment

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Closing The Hunger Gap In New Jersey

A recent headline of an Op-Ed article by New Jersey General Assembly Speaker Craig J. Coughlin perfectly captures the spirit of the food insecurity issue: New Jersey must be able to feed its people

That caption raises these all-important questions: Do you have enough to eat? Will you go to bed hungry tonight?

We’re not talking about a third-world country; we’re talking about New Jersey, USA.

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Protect Yourself During The Coronavirus Pandemic - Register For The Vaccine TODAY

I have always tried to maintain a civil posture in my blogs; however, sometimes blunt language is necessary. African Americans and other minorities continue to trail the rest of the country in receiving the coronavirus vaccine, and this is the time to speak out more stridently on this issue. African Americans and people of color need to receive equal access to the coronavirus vaccine, and it must begin immediately.

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