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Ringing the Bell for Better Education

As the unofficial summer slowly slides to an end, it bumps into the approaching Labor Day holiday. Though some school districts around the country have already started, many of us connect the days after Labor Day with the beginning of school. We associate this period with a fresh start. It is a time to learn, a time for fun, and a time to reunite with classmates.


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August is National Water Quality Month: An Opportunity for Improvement

In August, the perfect time to celebrate National Water Quality Month, we enjoy the benefit and privilege of our waterways, and heeding the perennial warnings of remaining hydrated during our recent hot spells by drinking plenty of water. Yet, unsurprisingly, many take drinking water for granted even though we all understand that safe drinking water is a must for us to live.

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Community and Police Relations: A Way Forward

This week there were many “National Night Out” events being held in communities throughout our district to highlight one of the most critical issues we face as law-abiding citizens: how to improve police-community relations. In recent years, it seems that the relationship between the two (or lack of it) fills the news cycle with negative messages and disturbing videos. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This is why I sponsored two pieces of legislation that I believe will help restore faith and confidence in this relationship.

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A Workable Solution to Lowering Our Property Taxes

Everyone likes rebates, especially if it’s applied to a tax bill. You do the math in your head and recognize that though you’re obligated to pay the tax, the rebate – it’s money in your pocket – eases the pain of paying. Simply put, rebates do put some money in taxpayers’ pockets, but they don’t necessarily lower property taxes. 

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The ‘Bigness’ and Personal Appeal of Small Business

July is Independent Retailer Month, and I can’t think of a more appropriate time to visit our local, independently owned retailers. It makes economic sense, adds cohesion to our communities, and boosts our locally owned businesses.

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Remembering Freedom From Slavery: Celebrating Juneteenth Day

It's "new," it's appropriate and it's needed: Let's Celebrate Juneteenth Day.

Two years ago, Gov. Phil Murphy signed legislation into law which designates the third Friday in June as a state and public holiday, known as Juneteenth Day. Juneteenth Day celebrates the end of slavery in the United States.

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