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Eliminating the Curse of Illegal Guns

When we start our day, is there a news update in recent memory that doesn't lead with a story about a shooting where someone is killed or wounded? Unfortunately, these tragedies have become common, and what adds to the havoc, making it even more confounding, is that criminals have obtained many of those guns illegally.

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Voting: The Bedrock of our Democracy

Our elections are around the corner, and the New Jersey Division of Elections best describes what you can expect from our voting process: safe, simple and secure 

Our country has one of the safest, fairest and most open election procedures among all the world's democracies. Despite a few naysayers driven by partisan politics, all our citizens can rest assured that their votes are counted fairly and in a timely fashion.

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Hail to the Heroes During National Fire Prevention Week

This week, Oct. 9th to the 15th, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of National Fire Prevention Week. This is a timely moment to remind everyone how important it is to take simple precautions that are key to preventing a fire. While it might be impossible to prevent all fires, many are preventable by following basic, safety-related rules that apply to fire and that the profession has formulated during the past 100 years.

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National Suicide Prevention Month – The Importance of Dialing 9-8-8

A helpful change in preventing potential suicides and easing mental health crises has arrived. And it’s fitting that during September, which is National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month, we can draw attention to dialing the new phone number, 9-8-8 for anyone suffering from a mental health crisis. With this change, callers can expect compassionate, accessible care and support that is available to anyone experiencing mental health-related distress, thoughts of suicide or a mental health or substance abuse crisis.

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Ringing the Bell for Better Education

As the unofficial summer slowly slides to an end, it bumps into the approaching Labor Day holiday. Though some school districts around the country have already started, many of us connect the days after Labor Day with the beginning of school. We associate this period with a fresh start. It is a time to learn, a time for fun, and a time to reunite with classmates.


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August is National Water Quality Month: An Opportunity for Improvement

In August, the perfect time to celebrate National Water Quality Month, we enjoy the benefit and privilege of our waterways, and heeding the perennial warnings of remaining hydrated during our recent hot spells by drinking plenty of water. Yet, unsurprisingly, many take drinking water for granted even though we all understand that safe drinking water is a must for us to live.

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