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Supporting Diverse Opportunities For All New Jerseyans

This month, we have celebrated Black History Month to recognize past accomplishments of African Americans with an eye to the future. However, our goal for a more fair, equitable and all-encompassing society is to broaden the goal to all marginalized minorities or groups that society has ignored or closed out.

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Black History Month: A Burlington County View

Every year since 1976, we have officially celebrated Black History Month, which remains a fitting celebration that extols the sacrifice, effort and accomplishments of African Americans in the United States.

I should note that while other groups have made significant contributions, only African Americans had to overcome slavery and the institutional racism and prejudice that followed it.

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Human Trafficking: Today's Modern-Day Slavery

Yesterday, Jan. 11, was Human Trafficking Awareness Day. 

In its simplest form, human trafficking is about buying and selling people. It exists everywhere around the globe and in different methods. The bottom line is that it is an industry that profits from exploiting people. And it is often and correctly compared with slavery. To better understand who or how a person becomes a victim — and it can be anyone — I urge you to watch this heart-breaking public service announcement.

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The Ban on Plastic Bags: Viewing It Through the Rear-View Mirror

Whatever happened to those plastic bags we used to get at the supermarket? It’s a question some might be pondering as the adjustment to their disappearance has taken hold, and it makes me wonder whether we have relegated those bags to recent history.

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Enjoy The Holiday Season with a Touch of Caution

In the spirit of the holiday season, which begins with Thanksgiving, I urge a sense of caution in an often overlooked area. Auto thefts can increase when drivers focus on holiday activities. We need to be more aware than ever before to prevent these crimes.

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Veterans Day: Thank You For Your Service

Tomorrow, November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day, and many of us will hopefully invoke the accolade: thank you for your service. Our military personnel pay a steep price to serve their fellow citizens. The task of being away from loved ones must be excruciatingly difficult. And they are always in possible harm's way, ready to defend us. However we do it, whether through a verbal comment acknowledging their commitment, attending a veteran's memorial ceremony, or a parade, we should always express our gratitude.

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